Don't I need to sign for it?

My dad’s BESTfriend, I used caps because they were in separable. BFFs in high school, went to college together and lived in the same dorm together. To this day they are still best friends. So here’s some context, he grew up along the sound in Connecticut. Small, insanely rich town. My dad is white and his best friend is black, his name is Cole.

There was an was an upcoming Halloween party, dad said he had no intentions to join. He wanted to sit around and roll a lot of joints which he used to sell I guess? Cole was dead set on this party that had a costume contest. Also should mention they went to a fancy ass Private Catholic college. Cole’s idea was for him to crawl on his hands and knees and wear a chain like a dog collar, with fake blood on him etc. He wanted my dad to hold the chain wearing a white robe. No hood because my dad refused.

Initially dad said no to all of it. It was insensitive. Etc. Cole convinced him and they did it. Needless to say all their friends thought it was hilarious and Cole especially had a hard time keeping a straight face. They got in big trouble.... obviously.

I texted Uncle Cole just now to see if he can dig up a picture, dad said his were in a storage shed in town but Cole should have one in his house he thinks.

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