"We don't need your lectures, mate" Michael Gunner hits back at US Republican Ted Cruz over NT COVID-19 vaccine mandate

its been a bizarre month watching people who think Melbourne is our capital city try to attack the chief minister.

For some context I'm in his electorate, we have one of the highest indigenous population per state. We also house the quarantine facility for international travelers. The government had pushed vouchers to help local business re-emerge strong. We have only gone into lockdown 1 month since the start of covid. Michael Gunner has recently won his re-election by a significant margin given how well he has been performing with covid. COVID actually increased our dometic tourism and retention during December when most usually travel interstate. Heck even Tones And I came to visit during december. The territory is perhaps the most laid back culture within Australia, people don't take life too seriously up there and the lifestyle is one that many in the city wish they had. its frustrating reading some of the recent comments from people unaware.

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