Don't panic, but don't be complacent, warns Fitzgerald, after 4th COVID-19 case in Grand Bank

I have been saying this all along. Why is it that us dumb peasants have better judgement than the ones making the rules?

I know how to quarantine.

Why is it that their rules state that you can quarantine at home, but everyone else living in the house can come and go as they please?
These rules are brought to you by the same people who at the start told us masks weren't necessary, as a means to horde supplies for health personnel....
I mean, here's another thing. The people making housecalls checking up on people quarantining aren't that bright either. No PPE when they knock, force you to show them your ID as they linger around your door, and on to the next house.
I'm sorry to say it, but it's here now byze. Their families all came and went everywhere as they pleased and you can't contact trace that many people down to the last one. Whatever the numbers say, unless everyone was tested, will be wrong. Just as the governments intelligence slipped through the cracks of their own skull when they formed these rules, so has covid into our community.
Time to stay home. Shut er down. And for the love of god come up with a better rule about quarantine, many of us knew the difference, shame on you for not.

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