Why don't people believe in climate change

Sorry to double post, but what I am saying is the "solution" to climate change is the same as the solution to lying about it, and it is basically a big shopping list of more appropriate gadgetry and more appropriate practices, that have to caused to proliferate the way things already have been: Mostly investments in manual labors, minimal straightforward violence.

Imagine if we take a different approach, and become interested in distinguishing overcoming climate change from overcoming lying about it, and focus on stopping the lies. This could only be done in order to be more inclusive of former liars in the future efforts. Then we will have decided to wait until people who have been very unhelpful for a good long old time say to us: "Yep we have ruined pretty much everything, thankyou for your hospitality".

If we are going to celebrate at that stage, we are pretty terrible ourselves.

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