Don't be poor!

I lived in poverty for nearly 10 years and one day I just decided not to.

Quit my minimum wage job, got a loan to pay my rent, and enrolled in a programming bootcamp with a scholarship. I networked my ass off, profiling every single person in the tech industry I met, keeping a running spreadsheet of every tech agency I new about, a point of contact there, how I met them, information about them, conversation topics related to what we've talked about, their company culture, what they are looking for in an employee. I spent 100+ hours a week working on learning programming or networking. I participated in a programming competition and got first place with 800 hours sunk into a project I wasn't getting paid for. Spent hundreds of hours working on presenting this project in front of judges. I did this to flesh out a portfolio and meet people I can leverage to find a job. I worked my ass to the bone. I spent dozens of hours working with someone I met who worked as an HR for amazon to flesh out my resume. I volunteered my skillset to improve the local community to show a form of altruism. I spent hundreds of hours working on fleshing out my linkedin profile. I worked my ass off to get away from subway, sonic, giant, ect.

Go actually talk to a broke person. Ask them, what their goals are and what they are doing to achieve them. Encourage them to achieve them. They are either not going to have goals or have a million and one excuses of why they can't achieve them. They are lazy, complacent, and okay with merely existing.

Saying they aren't lazy is trivializing the hard work of those that have put forward an effort to provide themselves a better life.

Exceptions being people who've made themselves unemployable through body modification, drug use, or attitude, but what can you do with someone who doesn't listen to society telling them not to be a dumbass.

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