I don't really "lose myself" in video games for hours anymore. Does anyone else feel unmotivated and unsatisfied lately, even after trying new things and taking breaks?

Yeah, my life is almost exactly like this right now, I'm 34. I can only get in a forced hour tops these days before I just start feeling bored and anxious. Everything is boring to me and I have practically every game in existence. When a new game comes out I'll play it for a few days and never go back. I've tried taking breaks assuming I was just burned out but no dice. You're definitely right about things getting samey though, there hasn't been anything worth getting truly excited about in a long time. I'll do the same thing as you though, reading about a game/watching videos will get me hype to play and then I turn on my Xbox and lose all motivation. I've been going through this for at least 6 months now and honestly don't see an end to it until maybe Halo Infinite or Cyberpunk, I'll definitely play Gears 5 but I'm honestly not expecting a lot from it.

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