You don't solve homelessness by putting fucking spikes everywhere in your city, you solve it by housing the homeless.

Poverty and homelessness is such an incredibly difficult problem to solve.

But the reality is that these places are dead long before the spikes are added as unsightly as they are.

You start getting people who have mental issues/drug addiction using a piece of public area as their home it turns into a disaster that's not only messy but unsafe to the rest of the public.

Just look at L.A right now. During COVID their protocols for relocating the homeless are basically non-existent. Just look at what venice beach has turned into.

It's a fucking shame things are getting this way, I couldn't fathom being in a position where I had to figure out a solution, but there is definitely one out there and there 100% exists a budget to do so tomorrow.

It just won't.

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