Don't want to spoil any weekend vibes, but: Is anyone else worried about the premature heart aging effects of stims? (details in the post, but don't look at it if you are a hypochondriac)

Where did that come from?

What, you didn't hear all this racket going on? You should have seen it coming.

[Suddenly, a trifecta of pyrotechnic displays activate and a pop-culture-appropriate theme music begins to play, alluding to the approach of what must surely be a bad-boy renegade of some sort.]

Announcer 1: Wait, what? Who is that... What's that music?!

Announcer 2: Oh my god, Jim.

Announcer 1: Whoa! Whoa! Are you seeing this, Dave?

Announcer 2: I think you're right, Jim! You're stupid, but you're not crazy. That's...

Announcer 1: Here comes LearntheDifferenceBot with a steel chair!!

Announcer 2: Oh no! This is really happening, folks! You can't make this stuff up.

Announce 1: Hold on! He's going for /u/ol_ks !! He noticed it! He just made a typo, folks... You can't skip anything past that bot! He saw it! And now our middleweight champion is going to pay!

Announcer 2: You're right, Jim. Wait... ol_ks doesn't notice! He doesn't see him coming!! Have mercy! It was a small typo, but... But sometimes one mistake can change the world!!


ok_ks: ...What the? Where did that come from...


Announcer 2: My god, Dave - Can you imagine?? It's like he didn't even feel it!

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