"Don't take vacations. What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the wrong job." -- Think Like A Billionaire - 11:28 am - 19 Nov 2012

As an English-second-language non-Christian non-westerner who moved to the United States when 17, I am no fan of Trump AT ALL but you guys are absolutely insane. And actually racist, for even using the R word in that context (but Im not being facetious when I say I am very confident you guys didn't mean it that way, so I'm NOT calling YOU guys racist, I'm just saying your remark was inadvertently came across extremely racist and bigoted)

Obama is NOT a native Hawaiian, NOT A NATIVE OF THE STATE OF HAWAII (he was born there, so what? I moved to Singapore when I was 11, if I was born in Singapore at age 0, would I feel like a native of Singapore just because I was born there? Fuck no..... that is so insane you guys can even say that.... I was same age when I moved when Obama moved 'back' to Hawaii..

And he moved 'back'........., as if he's supposed to remember Hawaii when he was a baby?

He's not a LOCAL HAWAIIAN, no NOTHING. He went to Punahou, arguably the least liked school by joe average locals because of the snooty entitled children it 'produces' (where graduates become a clique that rule the Hawaiian govt by connections) only competing with its rival of Iolani, much better in terms of student body consistently even if lacking in reputation compared to Punahou.

Yeah, think they're not dicks at Punahou? I got one story for you.


Yeah, good ol' Punahou. And need I mention the other bullying, drug use, overseas partying, underage sex rings, and everything else many covered by local news, many more not, and practically ZERO covered outside of the state, let alone the island sometimes? (We are majority asian and minority so maybe its a shame culture thing not being chatty, no idea)

Yeah Trump is a dickhead and douche but seriously this is the part you guys focus on?

I repeat, I am not a fan of Trump (although I think Americans so blind about Hillary being any better are blinded, as she's just as bad if not arguably worse, all but in "presentation", and it comes across to me Americans are very surface level in how they analyze)

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