I don't know what I should put down in my mock resume and what I should say in my mock job interview given that I have no positive qualities

You use the word 'mock' a lot, as if you don't believe that you've been given this opportunity because it was kind of fake. I'm sure you feel as if you're pretending. Everyone does that, at least to some degree. Is there no way that you can get a rewrite and actually put yourself into it? Really try? You having this education is such a blessing. There are people out there who are working three jobs just to be where you are. You are in a blessed position and this qualification, even if you hate the work, will stand you in good stead. You will be able to feed yourself and have a roof over your head without relying on your parents or whoever. Finish your studies, and take them seriously. That qualification may come in very useful down the road, and you're blessed to have that opportunity. When you've excelled at that, think about what you want. Go for it. If it all goes to hell, at least you have something to back you up. Something to fall back on.

I wish you all of the best. Start researching older people in your chosen field. Listen. Learn. Grow. Finish your qualification. Work for free if you can. It sounds trite but knowledge is truly power. Respect your elders and learn. Get your qualification and then think about other thngs. You've got such a great chance here. You are very blessed. Don't waste it.

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