I don't know what to do with my future, I'm looking for guidance from older men

Well, if we cut through the bullshit, to get rich the conventional way you need to provide a profitable (unique) solution to peoples' needs. The caveat is, peoples' genuine needs are very small, so most people instead sell bullshit (a.k.a. snake oil salesmen) and make people believe they want or need their products. The ruling class regularly creates large scale problems, so solutions can change dramatically -- smart people will catch on and ditch dying trends and be the pioneers for new innovations. Most people are content doing proven clockwork stuff for work. Some people just wanna work only if their passions align with it, so if you're going this route you need to think long-term because you're taking a risk. If you really like high risk/reward, then go the calculated gambling route with stocks and other investment opportunities.

Don't go to university unless the job you're aiming for requires it (e.g., doctor). Or you can go to trade school if you wanna do that kind of work. University just extends what you were supposed to learn in grade school. You're just paying high fees plus other expenses for the school to help make your schedule and your teacher's assistants to set your deadlines. If you wanna go there to network, you can roam the campus for free and target people in classes of interest.

What matters most is skill and you can find free 101 or higher education on almost any subject online. Most of your learning will come from experience and potentially tons of failure. All you need to do is apply scheduling and deadlines for yourself and you basically get university quality education in your field of choice for free or cheap (compared to university prices).

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