I don't know where to go from here

Hey, what if you maybe make it very simple? For example, instead of focusing in the whole plan, simplify and make a todo list with only the day activities that will put you a step closer to your deepest goals, for example:

• Getting up at most at 9AM

• Go for a run or hold up weight or what you want, but only 50/60% of your maximum (so you want to do it again)

• Study 40 minutes of what you determine you need/want to study, or learn what you want, or what you determine you need more to achieve your deepest goals in life, at the same time you do the things we all have to do (like making money, studying, or etc). Then, rest 20 minutes.

• Take 20 minutes a day to learn about mental health. I'm talking about the benefits of sleeping enough, eating well, excercising, quiting addictions, etc. I'm being serious, alcohol, weed, sleeping bad, or porn puts you down, but they go as unnoticed destructive behaviors.

• Maybe learn a bit about socialize. In fact it's a set of rules that can be learned methodically and through much trial and error. Try Tinder and learn from youtube channels, just please, don't believe anything. There are many bad channels.


And to determine what's going on, and why don't you know where to go, maybe you're not using introspection enough in your life. It happens to me when I listen to many songs in a row, and surf a lot on internet. It happen to me that I forget my deepest dreams for life.

I'm sure that if you put the basic needs of your body in order, the neuro transmitters of your brain will work better and you will have better clarity. Also, if you can improve on at least one aspect of what you are worried about, things will get easier, because you will have more motivation to do other things and you will feel enough better to think more clearly.


Now, I don't want to overwhelm you with information, but I strongly recommend you to watch this video, everyday when you wake up for at least 90 days in a row. This habit made me happier.


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