I don't know who I am.

You're a monkey floating on a dirt ball through space with a bunch of other monkeys, most of which are certain, ABSOLUTELY certain, that the dirt ball is exactly what they think it is.

Rules are arbitrary. Masculine is a made up word, like all of them, which literally has zero definite meaning.

Masculine doesn't exist. Feminine doesn't exist. Present yourself however you want. Act however you want. The only rule anyone on this planet ever needs to follow is don't hurt others.

There are those who want to hurt you for being yourself. They're morons. Even your family who think that way. Fight them if you want. Ignore them if you want. Both options are acceptable and healthy.

Don't you ever let the words of a moron affect you in any way (this is hard, but you can learn it). Words are like the wind and should affect you just as much. The only people who know you well enough to hurt you with words should be ones who never would). Just realize that no matter which you pick, you will never ever ever ever change another person's mind about anything. They have to want to change.

Be strong. Be kind to strangers, be kind to those who deserve it. Let your pride drive you forward. Love fiercly, strongly, and throw piles of wood on that fire constantly.

And above all else, in the movie of your life... don't let the extras decide your plot.

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