Don't get the whole "focus on your purpose" principle

I'm a more new to redpill (since jan 2018) than you are but i feel like maybe you're playing it too safe? I fucked a prostitute after 1.5 months of TRP cuz i figured it'd act as a bit of an awakening. 5 escort flavors later and i managed to fuck a real chick. How much effort do you put into your look, attire, haircut? How much effort do you put into making approaches to women in difference scenarios, bar/club ya but even at work you can practice game w/o intent to smash, you can attempt smalltalk with the female cashiers, how much effort are you making towards the VIRGINITY ELIMINATION MISSION!? Have you studied any PUA? Are you sure that you're doing enough? You make it sound like your mission is attaining status and then females but... if you arent making ANY effort to actually getting better with women then you arent taking risks. You will get lucky eventually but unless its probably gonna be a gold digger sicking her fangs in ya way down the line.

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