Don't get the whole "focus on your purpose" principle

This is what breaks my heart; some career paths are inherently “provider”. The reality is, super hot girls rarely give a shit about intellect or scholastic success. Having studied the psychology of the archetypal beautiful woman, you tend to see guys of a given archetype get the girl. I had a friend who was a Ph.D student and he quit because he realized that continuing on that path would neither get him girls nor money. No one wants to hear “the answer” because “the answer” is not what most people are willing to do to get the girls. What is “the answer”? Quit medical school, move to Las Vegas and start as the guy who sweeps up puke at Omnia nightclub. It hurts to hear but that’s “the answer”. In other words, you would literally have to give up your career path and exchange it for a sleezy career path in “hospitality” in order to get access to the hot girls. Because of a concept called “same world trigger”, chances are you’ll have more intercourse with a higher caliber (in terms of beauty) woman than if you stay in medical school. I’m not saying you can’t get with beautiful women in your current position, but you’ll have to really put the work in. And if you try to do both school and success with women, one will ultimately suffer.

Unfortunately, medical school is a scam. And I don’t mean that in a “pyramid” scheme type of way, but I mean about how they sell it as this guaranteed ticket to a “good life”. False. An Instagram model who is 21 and barely passed her liberal arts college will have more status and respect than you in the modern era. That guy who’s life you saved will complain, bitch and moan to you that you didn’t do enough for him. I’ve seen this before. After medical school, it doesn’t get easier. Residency is another period of slavery. Then fellowship. By the time you’ve done all that bullshit, your peers will be pressuring you to get married and settle down. “But what how can I settle down, I haven’t even begun to live my life yet!?” My good friend who is a doctor lost his virginity at 30 years old. There is no judgement there, it is what it is, but you have to ask yourself what’s important to you? I have the utmost respect for doctors and physicians, they save lives. But it was a tough pill to swallow when I realized most of the people doctors save are just an expandable resource. So, it’s a tough call but you know what “the answer” is. The question is where do your values lie? How bad do you want to be with beautiful women vs. how bad do you want to save lives and treat the sick.

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