Why don't workers in Turkish restaurants wear gloves?

Not wearing gloves doesn't really make your food a health hazard if chefs clean their hands. That is for restaurants of course. Gloves are restrictive, especially with cooked food they are unnecessary if you have clean hands. There seems to be a law for it in New York which even that doesn't cover food that will be cooked.

If you are talking about fast food places where people "prepare" food and not cook, I have never seen a place that doesn't use gloves or some kind of utensil, other than back alley type places where gloves would be your last health concern.

We can't see your personal experience here so, again, if you have a complaint about a place, report it, but I have never really seen anyone literally grab already cooked food with bare hands, even people that sell rice and chicken on street use gloves to pick chicken apart.

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