DoorDash driver steals $100 worth of Taco Bell and gets confronted at their home by customer. Dasher charges the customer with a knife and is nearly turned into Swiss cheese

Genuine concern

Prove it. You can't cause it's 100% obvious bullshit. It's an attack and a pathetic, feeble attempt to gaslight. This is clear as day, and has been executed by you with the subtlety of a baboon.

I am arguing against you because you've claimed a bunch of untrue things, such as the notion that the victim was "tresspassing," based on your hallucinations of what may or may not have happened after the video ended.

Your entire "argument" is built upon your own fantasy.

But to humor your blatant lie that you're "concerned," I'll tell you that I am in perfect health, and 100% happy and satisfied with who I am as a person, and have zero guilt or self-doubt, because I have no reason to feel any of those things. I like who I am as a person.

Can you honestly say the same things about yourself? Don't answer on here, cause we all know it would be bullshit.

I'd just like for you to answer that question internally to yourself.

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