Double XP for mid season update?

Talk about fixating on the wrong thing in my comment.

I don't know, as I said, I couldn't care less about the skins. However, if you do spend five minutes on this subreddit you'll quickly realise that quite a lot of players are obsessing over them. Now, whether or not they were part of the reason why they started playing the game or just continues to feels rather irrelevant; the fact that the devs have turned it into a gigantic grind fest while having to battle the diminishing playerbase is a gigantic failure on their part.

Whether or not you agree on my original poor wording the point still stands - a lot of players do care about the skins, they want all the skins, and the latest skins are currently locked behind an immense amount of grinding. This game doesn't have the luxury of being able to fuck up simple things, despite it only being about skins.

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