Doubts about prescription

dude, you're wrong on so many levels, i cannot even begin to list.

Prescribing ba zhen san for headaches, sensitivity to cold and exhaustion is like prescribing aspirin for Alzheimer's.

no, not really. there are certain tcm patterns that have these symptoms (as well as others), and ba zhen tang would be a good choice. just as it was in op's case, since this formula was prescribed by his previous practitioner, and it helped.

The only logical source for your problems according to the doctrine of TCM (N.B. I'm not a practitioner) would be the kidney. Everything about what you've said points to it.

no. and if you're not a practitioner, you should be making these confident statements.

The extreme fatigue and sensitivity to cold would point towards kidney yang deficiency. But then the sore joints would point towards both yin and yang deficiency.

yea. and hundreds of others. you have no idea of how tcm diagnostics works.

Herbs that replenish both kidney yin and yang are endless.

well, actually, no.

If you're going to go down the herb route, please do not waste your hard-earned cash on pills. They are a complete scam.

not necessarily. there are very good factory made formulae.

I'm no guru on kidney replenishment, but I know someone who is. As in, fifteen years trained in China guru.

what was he trained in? kidney replenishment? at the 北京补肾大学? :DDD come on, dude.

but there is a pressure point in the middle of the sole of the foot that is the termination point of the kidney channel

涌泉 is not the termination, but the first point.

Unfortunately, this isn't just something you can google image and makeshift re-create yourself. It's not even locating the damn point.

this doesn't even make sense.

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