Douglas Adams once wrote, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be,” how might this quote describe an experience in your life?

I was born in a small town with little to no prospects. I would manage but the story here is the regular “marrying your high school sweetheart” kind of thing. Due to pure accident I choose high school that had experimental Media program. As a teenager I’ve worked in local TV, wrote movie reviews for newspapers here. Stuff like that. It made me interested in filmmaking and I even considered applying for film school but it was almost impossible and I didn’t. I didn’t pursue that dream. After graduating college I could find anything remotely close to my interest and I decided to move to the capital for 3 month internship in ad agency where I would think up stuff. Plan was to gain some experience, come back and find something here with this little experience under my belt. I never did come back. After 9 years I’m still here. Still thinking up stuff. Being awarded and appreciated. The funny thing is, I did come back to film school 2 years ago and I am a filmmaker just the way I wanted 11 years ago. It just took longer than I expected. And a lot more confidence building that I could have had I not moved for that 3 months.

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