Douglas Signs on

Is this language necessary. Apparently I'm "throwing my toys out of the pram", "a drama queen", "shit talking players", "spat the dummy", "how high are you". Don't you think that is leaning towards hostile? Is this the culture you want on this sub? I haven't attacked anyone here.

I bet that if I take the time to go through previous seasons stats to highlight more evidence to support my opinion I will be labeled as cherry picking games. Everyone here has made up their mind. And I didn't realise there was a tight timeline on me providing this data. I can't do it from work. One person stated they were interested and an hour later apparently my opportunity has passed. Look , if we had a couple of flags in recent years I'd be fine with dougy just being a role player. But I feel the AFC is in a state of perpetual mediocrity at the moment. With all of the players we have out, I feel douglas output could be better considering his experience.

This is feeling a bit like Facebook and perhaps I'd be best leaving this sub as I don't really want to be arguing with people. I was hoping this might be a good refuge for like minded people. Good luck with the sub. And I hope the Crows can turn it around. Thanks ladies and gents.

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