Get Down!!

Also, different societies are obsessed with closing the gender gap in different ways (i.e.: I'm speaking of the ones that want to close the gap, obviously. The ones that dont want to, disregard). Its hard to make tremendous generalizations about countries, but a big trend in the US is for women to be identical to men in roles. Ie: Women in infantry, technical careers, social gatherings, etc. On the other hand countries like Japan, (which by no means is perfect in not only women rights but gender relations in general, but is still a democratic society) has a huge focus on wanting females to be afforded equal opportunities and equal pay but does nothing to want to bridge the gender differences. Woman enjoy women-exclusive events while men enjoy men-exclusive events.

Both of which is fine by me, not that my opinion matters. I'm just saying how the world is varied but all moving in the direction of wanting people to be better and better is not some monolithic concept like God where there is only one way or the highway.

But what is not good is focusing on issues like man spreading on trains, because thats the cusp of modern feminism, or at least how its being perceived.

Obviously many women love feminism, and even better in some peaceful sort of way (because it demonstrates success), many women don't even care about feminism because society has come so far that many women find less of a "pursuance" for it (can you really protest for something like "oxygen", if you already have an abundance of it unless someone came and said they're taking it away from you, in which case its totally warranted to protest?)

But when women start speaking out against feminism, something is not going right.

Its easy for you to dismiss those as "non-feminists", and well, you are probably very correct, at least by my standards. But then you're also missing the point.

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