Downloading Trial. Excited!

Biomutant has a 64/100 on Metacritic, by gaming standards that is literally a terrible rating. Even a total flop in Dynasty Warriors 9 managed a better rating at 74/100.

Even on Steam where the rating of a game dynamically shifts with the current state of the game, the rating has stagnated around 68/100.

I mean I am allowed to hate this game, I bought it hoping it would be a beautiful game, but 1080p on a 50” screen on ps5, looks like garbage. And the game doesn’t even run well with constant stutters and textures popping in and out. But I chose to wait for that “cOmInG sOoN Ps5 upgrade” and yet months later it is nowhere in sight.

The problem with this thread as that people are overly sensitive and won’t for a second discuss the issues with the game, leading other people to believe that it might be a good game and that the ratings are unfair. However, the reality is that the ratings across the board DO reflect the state of this game, and this game really is shite.

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