Dr. Ezike breaks down in tears while giving Friday’s Illinois COVID-19 death totals

I appreciate your sympathy and honesty.

I guess I simply just don't understand why we only focus on this one aspect of the damage this virus is causing.. cases/deaths from the virus directly. When we all know that this has implications well beyond that..

It's fucking terrible that people are dying from this virus... but this virus is not the only thing in this world.

The planet, the people, & all living things here don't just get put on pause, regardless of how strict a lockdown you can impose.

And while COVID should be prioritized accordingly, that doesnt mean all other priorities can be done away with for the time being and that they aren't even worth a mention or second thought.

Side note: To all those who think I'm "trolling" or "shilling" bc of the places I post on Reddit, I'd like to give a big "Fuck You"... if me leaning towards a different political ideology than yours automatically makes me "less than" or an "enemy", then you are exactly the type of person you claim to fight against.

I will not participate in the continuing division of our own fucking city, state, & country.

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