Dr Fauci said leaving mask and vaccine policies up to states was one of Trump’s ‘biggest mistakes’

I live in Illinois and I feel Pritzker handles the pandemic well and is guided by science. I may not care for him or like all of his politics but he took care of his state and still doing so during the pandemic. Too bad most of the state is a bunch of rural conservatives. Luckily the Chicagoland controls the vote since the population is so sparse down south in the state. Otherwise we would be like our neighbors around us like Indiana and Iowa. Indiana is a worthless state of just corn and highways. I am all for states rights and all but it sure is fucking stupid to have when something as terrible as a pandemic hits. It should have been handled completely by the federal government instead of letting states make poor decisions. It is like our nation is governed by cats in time of crisis like this. Nobody wants to work together for the greater good of the nation. Just look at the bible belt and Texas and Florida. They are what happens when religion and stupidity mix together and try to govern.

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