Dr. Jordan Peterson's detailed response to the question "What is it precisely that makes men desirable to women?"

Bad boys win often times succeed because they are not bound by rules. Men oftentimes follow rules that are assumed as set in stone. When a man recognizes that the rules are imaginary, he is free to walk all over the battlefield while the other men follow a defined path. What keeps men following the rules is fear. Fear of being different, alone, thinking for themselves.

Men competing within defined rules is what keeps our society going, though. If every one just said fuck it and stopped following orders, there would be chaos. In a society where most people are following the rules, bad boys can slither around, just taking what they want. But they contribute nothing of value to society, they poison it.

I'm like this, though, lol. I play a sport where men compete with one another in a show of physical ability and competence. The best man does demonstrate the highest skill and ability, and is promoted to the top by the men, and his wife is there every day (she's hot), standing by his side. In that context, I am not the alpha. A fool would just stay there as a secondary male. A fool would try and compete with these men to topple the leader and take his place (and the regard of women).

But I've noticed, women don't play by these rules that men have set. Women don't care who is the best. They care who is most well liked, who looks hot with their shirt off, who has a good smile and charm. So while all these men are defining rules and competing tirelessly with one another, the smart men and just doing what women naturally like to get their attention.

I compete with these men and stay as a lesser male in that context because outside of that context, walking about society, I am often an alpha, and girls like me.

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