Dr. Mario is the best character in Smash 4.

I was just wondering why Wii Fit Trainer is in the very bottom of the tiers. Before I get into what I mean, allow me to first put out there that I have been playing for years, and I have watched MANY videos of the tournament masters.

My brother and I found out, through years of play, literally EVERY advanced technique in the game, except the wavedash, which we stumbled upon, but wrote off as simply hilarious. I was surprised to find that all the wacky observations we have encountered and adapted are actually defined in the glossary in the sticky topic above! Three of the particularly surprising terms that I could not believe had been widely known and utilized were the 'Hitting B to change the angle of her ball' (I just thought I had a glitchy game) and that effect where airdodge right before landing (I cannot remember what it was called in the sticky), and the CRAB.

Now, I have been using Wii Fit Trainer against my grandpa Joe lately, and he cannot seem to beat me. We think we know why, and we think it puts WFT at the top of the tiers. I will be brief. Wii Fit Trainer has her air forward. We call it 'The Stretch.' It has that special hitbox like a sword, hence it goes right through anything except an attack with that same type of hitbox. It does 19% max, is relatively fast executing, has basically instant recovery on a barrier cancel, and is quite massive, meteor-smashing. if your opponent is literally touching your crotch,

If she misses, she can just do her ball of death if the opponent tries to retaliate, or shield/roll. I am telling you, Wii Fit Trainer is a crazy meat mountain who crushes bones with many attacks doing 10%-, survives to insane damages thanks to her stretching and deep breathing, and has fucking shit horizontal recovery (Double Jump, spam up-b, land on stage in front of opponent, ARE YOU SERIOUS THEY SMASHED ME AFTER MY THOUSAND FRAME END LAG).

Next, check her roll. It goes like nowhere. It makes her rather stupid, not eliminating her stupid-looking fucking walk on the ground, and a great character when it comes to the defensive game. It pretty much eliminates the need for her actual attacks, which, with WFT, who needs to do most of his attacking from the edge, is pretty much useless already unless you are looking to SPAM THE BALLS. Grabbing, however, in my opinion, is also a bad idea, because, all the characters are too small for her weird grab, you could have just used BALLS and kill your opponent by then.

Even though she has to fight mostly on the ledge, 3 of her 4 air attacks are pretty fast, and are quite stretchy. A major advantage she has is that nearly all her attacks move the opponent emotionally , and can topple her from 0%, so her opponent gets shit tons of counterattack opportunity.

The only explanation I can find for why she is low on the tiers is that no one has used her seriously. I think she really keeps up, if not tops, the top tier characters.

I really do not like to simply shoot my mouth, and I am not one who thinks it right to shower a character in encomium, and never actually prove anything. Is there online for this somewhere, or is that simply wishful thinking? If not, please do not yell at me and stuff until you at least check out the BALLS. Goes right into the shield, doing nothing, goes right under every character, goes right to my death. Please just give WFT another shot and tell me what you thnk.

Final Comment: People have a tendency to think that posts from newcomers to a board but veterans of its respective game are saying they are better than everyone else, regardles of what the post actually says. Please note that I did not say 'I am better than you' or 'WFT is better than Diddy.' I said, essentially: 'WFT seems to be great. These are her strengths. He may top Diddy. Check him out and see if you agree.' I will say, however, that I am a full master of stretching my legs.

Please give Ganondorf a second look before responding so you know where I am coming from!

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