Dr. Sebi: The Herbalist Who Cured Cancer & Was Poisoned in Prison For It

But you're getting your information from the very people, Dr Sebi, spent his life disproving. His knowledge is from natural remedies, and not big pharmaceutical companies.

I'm curious, have you spent any time looking into the work of, Dr Sebi? Have you actually listened to his interviews he did? The Courts asked him to provide some patients He had treated in the past, I can't remember the actual figure they asked him to bring, but he took over 70 of his old patients. One of his most famous cases was that of, Lisa Lopez. Who went too, Dr Sebi with some eye twitch I believe, well he not only cured that, but she never told him she had herpes, which the remedies and diet he suggested she use cured as well.

The mainstream narrative will tell you, there is no cure for herpes. Yet , Dr Sebi cured hundreds of people with it.

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