Draft Rounds 9-12

Hi all, I'm co-gm of team Fauxvoice. As some of you may have noticed, Michael Saunders, whom we drafted with the 179th pick, has a torn meniscus and is expected to miss the first half of the season.

The league rules state that " so that people don't get completely screwed and lose interest. If one of your players suffers a long term injury (8+ weeks), in the first three months of the season (July 1st cutoff), you may drop that player and pick up any available player."

Nowhere does it specify what would happen should a player suffer a major injury during the draft stage. However I have heard that comish vslyke would have us wait until the draft is over to pick our replacement. I have yet to here his reasoning directly, however I am questioning his decision.

I understand that forcing us to pick from a pool of undrafted players most closely mirrors the conditions present where the injury to have occured midseason. However those conditions are due to neccesity rather than preferablity. I do not see why, when the draft is still ongoing, we should not be compensated now. Clearly we still would be suffering a penalty as we would be replacing our 179th pick with a 275th pick. Furthermore, we are denied the inherent advantage one would have picking a replacement midseason, in that we can't pick a player who has already accumulated value.

If the goal is to leave us not feeling "completed screwed", why shouldn't extra measures be granted to help us achieve this end?

Perhaps to preserve the current position scarcity balance, we should only be allowed to pick a corner outfielder. Perhaps we should have to wait until our next pick to make our compensation pick. However to wait until the draft is over, to then pick from the bench players and rps? This to me is unfair, unfun, and unneccesary.

I therefore request that we discuss the issue, and then put it to a vote. Our 1.5 win outfielder depends on it.

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