Dragon Age Inquisition has been out for a while: What's your verdict vis-a-vis Origins?

I loved the game.

It's a good step in the right direction! There are many things that can be improved upon though, those flaws don't detract from the good game that is DA:I it just would make it so much better.

The positives:

The open environments are beautiful and make you truly feel like you are in living fantasy world.

A good variation of enemies and Npcs.

Memorable companions, whether you like them or not.

Excellent combat and controls with gamepad.

Engaging stories.

Lot's of content, for pretty much every taste.

Wartable is a very interesting and unique feature that could have been expanded on (more in the negatives)


You can literally feel where they cut content, especially when you are a completionists and finish the game with 320 spare power. Power that would have been used for keep conquests and upkeep and other Quests. Like the battle around Crestwood village that was shown 2013, but was cut.

Derpy AI and Npcs jumping into existence in front of you.

Sound bugs and lag.

Too many MMO style Quests.

To view Dungeons to explore even though the game is bigger than Origins, Origins had better dungeons

Too simplistic Character customization. No skill point allocation and too many characters fulfilled the same roles as the other. Not enough class variety, even with Specializations.

Shallow conversation tree in comparison to prior games. If i had high wisdom or Charisma in Baldurs gate i could deduce or charm my way to information and lore and dialogue outcomes that could unlock entirely new gameplay options. In Baldur's Gate for example i could have made Solas spill his beans if i was a high Charisma/Wisdom Character.

Too many useless Items, too few interesting and unique Items. Also loot distribution was horrible. Getting level 9 gear from level 17 characters is dumb.

I would have made fewer companions, but in exchange i would have made the remaining cast have much deeper interactions.

The wartable should have been accessible via UI, at least for gathering missions, and those missions should not require the time of my 3 advisors. How many wartable missions you can do simultaneously should have been determined by the agents you required, instead of them giving you minor perks.

Lifeless Npcs that stand just there and loop animations.

All in all, it's a big game that's too big in some areas where it doesn't need to be and lacks in others where you see what they were going for but fell short.

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