[Drama]Sam Biddle would be proud- SJWs bully 2 artists into canceling their comic

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God damn this is why I hate it when ignorant white people like you try to make stuff about Japan just because it's trendy.

toril said on twitter that the issue raised with msbc was that it was a comic set in japan written by two white people, but-have you considered that it's the idea itself that's inherently fetishistic and not white people writing a story that takes place in another country that's the issue?

What's that, Lassie? Someone's trying to move the goalposts?

@EarlofFujoshi @CandyAppleCat Yeah it's... it would have been nice to see them try to take the crit and work through it, see what happens

How, exactly? The criticism was about them being white and doing a comic about Japan. There are only two factors there, and only one of them can change easily.

@CandyAppleCat @apricotsushi If your defense is "I studied JPN and White people have the right to write about anything" no stop shhh

I love it when SJWs only response to counterarguments is "shut up".

@EarlofFujoshi @apricotsushi Yeah, it's like they exposed their own insecurity about the project there.

Yes, pointing out that they have actual knowledge of Japan is a sign of insecurity, not a response to people who questioned their knowledge of Japan.

@andrepaploo @debaoki I don't think the issue is 'not set in Japan' as much as 'I, a Non-Japanese, know more about it than you do, JPN Anon'

Which, as best as I can tell, they never even remotely said. Who's being insecure now?

@andrepaploo @debaoki In a sense the criticism was aggressive but the response walked into a literal disaster area

"Well, maybe we shouldn't've punched them in the face, but they were asking for it!"

@andrepaploo @debaoki Again its their response that caused the flare up, and now we're here. But people now demanding it resume need to stop

Again with the silencing of opinions you don't agree with. Because you're so secure.

@shoujoshitlord you’re clearly just saying this bc you don’t like being called out about ur new comic like don’t even front

Why, yes! Most people don't like being called racist! Good job, Holmes!

@shoujoshitlord yeah, you are white people, and no matter how hard you try to deflect, your prejudice is showing through bright as fuck

"It is completely impossible that I could be wrong."

@shoujoshitlord don’t push this onto us.

Have you noticed how SJWs like to have power over other people, but don't like to take responsibility?

@shoujoshitlord that’s not what that person was saying at all, and if that’s REALLY what yall thought then I really can’t help you

Case in point; making claims which they won't back up, and implying there's something wrong with someone for even needing clarification. In short, "Listen and believe".

@shoujoshitlord yall are just promoting the destructive white gaze as usual. same old same old.

Yes, because white Western people can't use elements from other countries. I'd better tell Rob Ten Plas that he can't draw manga-style comics because he's not Japanese. Oh, and Jordan Mechner shouldn't've made Prince of Persia.

@leighwalton @debaoki The comic is innocuous. The creators did not respond to trolls nor actual criticism at all well.

There's a difference between constructive and destructive criticism, and it seems they were getting a lot of the latter.

Dilution of the toxic aspects of call-out culture to include "someone disagreed with me on twitter" only weakens the ability to engage with the actual harmful aspects of it (doxxing, etc.).

Yelling at someone about how racist and bigoted they are is a type of disagreement.

@Jchannel @debaoki @MikeMeltzer I think we need to be clear about what "fetishizing" Japanese culture actually entails.

It means to imply a dirty, near- or actually- sexual interest in Japan. What's weird is that Bill Bryson gets stick for being an Anglophile, but I don't recall people calling him a "fetishist".

@debaoki In white North America, Asians+JP ppl are marginalized so it's a more clear line when orientalism goes from reverent to offensive.

Hold up. Kim, are you generalizing from your experience as an Asian-Canadian to all of North America?

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