Dream should pull a PewDiePie and delete Twitter for good

The lack of sympathy is something that's so inhumane about twitter, fans are allowed to be assholes and yet they hold ccs to such a high standard that not a single thing out of line can pass without something like yesterday's stuff going down. The same people who are just trying to 'criticise' and 'educate' never stop and think about what they might be doing wrong, especially when called out on it. The hypocrisy of these people. 'the joke he made was offensive' proceeds to do much worse than offensive jokes

The pure ignorance of the same people who claim to criticise and not cancel, and their 'no one is cancelling we're just trying to 'educate' them continues to contribute with misinformation and blow things out of proportion

So many people living in a bubble. It's sad and toxic.

Also if they're a minority that's somehow automatically a shield from any kind of criticism to them as a person, so even when they're incorrect (not about feeling hurt, obviously, but about being an asshole yourself and spreading misinformation) the only thing you can do is reward that behaviour because if you don't you're considered racist or ableist or homophobic... Sometimes people're just wrong and need to learn how to not be cyber bullies and manipulators. That has nothing to do with who they are. It's just basic human decency.

I just want to point out that if he does become really active here, people from twitter will a 100% move here and turn this place into twitter but slightly less insane. He really can't win : (

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