I have dreams I hang out with dead family members

Suppose you're writing a movie. This is the beginning. Continue the story in an interesting way.


Fourteen high schoolers and one teacher chat cheerfully. The whiteboard says “Have a Great Summer, Debate Club!” in motherly cursive. Everyone signs YEARBOOKS, even the club advisor, MRS. GARRISON, 30s, who wears round blue glasses.

ZOE HARPER, a 15-year-old freshman, has straight brown hair with a center part. She signs the yearbook of MONIFA ABDULLAHI, a tall senior African immigrant.

ZOE: The GMO discussion. I loved that unicorn analogy you made against Siobhan.

MONIFA: Thanks! I wasn't sure I would deliver it right or that the analogy would make sense so it means a lot to have that validation.

ZOE: People who don’t get analogies, screw them. There are studies that say that trouble grasping analogies indicates low intelligence.

Monifa laughs warmly, which catches the attention of blond sophomore GRACE.

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