Drill instructors/ Drill sergeants of reddit, what is the funniest thing you have seen a Private do?

Nope definitely saw the kid… whether the story was bullshit, I dunno.

We also had the day where they decided they were going to let us use the phones and vending machines. Watched all these guys gorging on soda and candy - then pulled out a TV cart and made everyone watch the old battlefield injury/surgery videos. Never seen so many people turn green and start puking.

Had this one drill (not our flight) we called the Green Mile…I swear this guy was 7’ tall. He liked to fuck with people really late at night on dorm guard duty. And no offense, the guy was super dark skinned…you’d hear footsteps pounding up the dorm stairs…getting closer and closer, louder and louder…you’d wonder who in the fuck it was…

You’d look at the little square window at the main door. All of a sudden you’d see 2 white eyeballs open, and “steam” from this guys nose fog up the glass. He pounded so hard on the door that it woke everyone right the fuck up (that hadn’t snuck out to polish their boots/straighten their locker) out of their rack. Guys were “whisper-yelling” out to me, “What the fuck is that???”

Dude was like an angry silverback - did everything to get you to open the door - but he wasn’t our drill…if you let him in, you were fucked. All you could do was ask for his identification to be put up to the window (he refused obviously.) It was funny as Hell, but at the same time I think I almost shit myself.

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