Driver runs over car thief who tried to stab him and stabbed a woman

....the FBI, CIA, NSA, and countless other acronyms need to hire you, now.

I mean in a 6 second clip from far away you could tell the person who got hit was going after the other's family. You knew that meant he had been stabbed previously, and this was the only option to stop his entire family from being murdered.

Oh wait, what's that? The entire analysis smells like shit because it was pulled out of someone's asshole? Oh, kk.

But wait, we need to be preventative, right? Well I guess any random person might be out there to hurt your family, and you don't know the threat is over unless you kill them, so gotta murder everyone; right?

Did you ever take a second to think of what a joke you're acting like; or were you in too much of a rush to make your narrative work?

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