Drivers warned to expect ‘avalanche’ of yellow box junction rules

It's really easy not to get caught in a yellow box. Look further than your bonnet.

I mainly agree, although I bet every driver has been caught out or made a human error at some point or another where maybe weren't familiar with their route, then the traffic in front of them stops unexpectedly while their mind was pre-occupied with which turn-off they needed, or occasionally your lane is clear, lights further down the road turn red, definitely space to stop behind the car in front... but wait... the guy in the other lane realises he's going to end up having to stop in the dreaded yellow box unless he takes evasive action... he swerves across you and takes your space on the black tarmac, leaving you looking like the muppet who doesn't know the highway code. Perhaps you should have anticipated something like this happening, but not always easy to 2nd guess everything that might or might not happen.

The habitual rule breakers though definitely need a wake up call. Personally I would say first offence "warning letter", 2nd offence "death penalty".

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