Drug dealers of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you have been offered in compensation for drugs?

I was renting the room of a group house made up of a handful of very cool people. Then we had a roommate move in that was a really nice, soft-spoken & considerate guy overall. Shortly after he moved in I realized the house was always clean AF which I appreciated greatly. Then I started noticing that the house was clean when I woke up, even though we had gone out with him until 2 and come back to a somewhat messy house. Then he was stapling my extra curtains to the wood floor and considering them to be area rugs. Then his tweaker friends that weren't good at hiding their addiction started hanging around. And never leaving. Then I noticed shit missing. Then I got the fuck out and got my own place.

Meth abuse changes humans into something else that's not quite human. That's the best way I can explain it. He wasn't awful guy, even at the worst I witnessed, but his priorities were all out of whack and the guy just lost track of how to be a good person. In retrospect his behavior might seem so obvious, but the odd quirks slowly built up over time at a pace that you don't quickly notice as a non-user.

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