Drug freakout in Venice Beach

It's amazing what the brain will take, I had a period where I continued doing acid despite losing total grasp of reality and becoming insanely paranoid every single time. So many bad trips.

Then one time I suffered that kind of total break, I'm pretty sure I broke some things, ran around in the front yard yelling and ripped a gutter off the house, before I totally lost it and got locked inside my own personal torture chamber in my head. I had no idea that it wasn't real, and wouldn't last the rest of my life.

Turns out I actually had several friends holding me down for hours, and I struggled so much I exhausted what felt like every single muscle in my body, it hurt to move at all for days.

Knocked myself out with a couple benzos, or seroquel, once I was lucid enough to be let go, got up the next day, and had a great thanksgiving dinner.

Mushrooms have always been amazingly good to me though, somehow.

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