Drugged and Robbed in Wroclaw

<opens notebook, sharpens pencil> Lessons from reddit guy.

  • Mustn't let strangers escort me alone to strip clubs for free shots - check.
  • Make sure to re-enter any den of criminality to make death threats to criminals in a foreign country whilst intoxicated. With Mother on phone, if possible.
  • Poland has " high concentration of low lives - not Poles, just the people living inside Poland". Must bear in mind.
  • If experience highly ill-advised trip to strip club, make sure to go back the next day also, just to make sure it was a bad idea.

Look, if you must post such tripe, at least title it "I was an idiot somewhere < it doesn't matter where>" as this is nothing to do with the beautiful city of Wroclaw. We all acknowledge this wasn't your finest moment, and hey, we're all human, but why further your misdeeds by implicating Wroclaw and Poland in this?

Frankly, I think you're lucky to have just lost $300 and not taken a beating on top. Good luck in Budapest, although watch out for the douchebags (not Hungarians, just the people who live there).

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