DRUGS: I'm looking for interesting experiences or stories you've had while while under the influence?

So it was my senior year of high school and I was getting pretty reckless. I attended a catholic high school complete with uniforms and a nun principal. I was very involved, and had a fairly good reputation with my teachers; playing football, wrestling and golf as well as doing student council. However, if you were my friend, you knew what I was about. Eventually comes a morning where I decide to eat a brownie in homeroom. It doesn't kick in until 2nd period, mid way through my finance exam. All of a sudden my friend Morgan has to basically take the test for me because I couldn't even pay attention to it. I manage my composure and head to my next class where things essentially take a dire turn, all the while encountering my friends and others joking with me about my current state of being. Come third period precalc, my laughter was unstoppable. I managed to stir up an argument with my teacher over seemingly nothing before laughing the remainder of the class. Probably a half an hour later, my student council boss, who happens to be the second in charge nun, pulls me out of class out of the blue. I ran a charity in my school for sick or dying children of students of alumni. I assumed someone had snitched on me or figured it out and my punishment/consequences began now. Yet the nun had pulled me out to tell me one of the children we were supporting lay in the hospital dying. Mind you this is still in the midst of a laughing fit. I manage to glimpse into her eyes for a second before uttering something along the lines of 'wow thats awful yeah.' She dismisses me without suspicion and I return to class. I sit in silence the rest of precalc, praising the lord for not being arrested mid school day, as has happened before although not to me. Next period is drama and thankfully the work we were doing in that class was essentially bullshit. This is probably around the time where I am the highest all day. Of course the teacher is probably the youngest and almost immediately makes a comment. I was reading something for a skit we were to perform, as everyone was broken down into groups, and overheard my teacher say something to an acquaintance about attendance. The acquaintance made up a bullshit excuse in return blaming wrestling practice as the culprit. Being a captain of the team, I immediately thought that what he said made no sense and in turn made a non sensical remark attempting to correct him. They both looked at me confused before correcting me that I heard it out of context. My teacher the asks me to close the classroom door. On the way back to my seat, I pass by a mirror and observe how bloody red my eyes were. Then my teacher inquired about them. My response involved head nodding and the words 'allergy attack' along with other awkward gestures. I never had been caught before and was taken aback at my chillest teacher calling me out, thus the non graceful response uncharacteristic of myself. Regardless, I survived the class and was lucky to have only bullshit classes left in my day. Maybe more things happened, yet I don't recall as the rest of the day is a blur. But that's my story.

TLDR- Catholic school boy eats weed brownie in homeroom, hijinks ensue.

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