Drunk driver admits killing pedestrian and fleeing scene

If you need your car home in the morning please call DDD or one of their competitors. Also, we have Uber, we have cabs, you probably have friends. There is a hotel.in walking distance of damn near every bar in this city.

Please stop this. You know that if you hurt someone you will never forgive yourself. You know that if you let your friends drive home drunk and they hurt someone they will never forgive themselves, nor will you.

Don't let your friends drive drunk, and don't drive drunk. $100 (cost of an uber from pretty much anywhere in the city to where you live) or even $500 (for a hotel and missed income for calling in sick to work for a day) is nothing compared to the legal fees you'll face if you get caught even if you hurt no one.

You arent just taking your life in your hands, you're taking other people's lives, plus their loved ones in your hands. it is too big of a risk

I don't care if this guy gets 1 day or a life sentence; it won't bring back the victim and it won't fix the life of his wife and kids.

When I was 16 my best friends dad was killed by a drunk driver. I promise you that no amount of money or sentencing makes up for that. Please, please I don't care what you do, but don't get behind the wheel of a deadly weapon and drive if you've been drinking.

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