Drunk Rick Method Acting | Rick and Morty

I'll never forget this episode. It is the only episode I've ever seen. Was deployed and someone had a season of Rick and Morty, along with many other shows, on a portable hard drive. We'd all gather round and watch a movie or shows while we ate lunch. When I first got to this deployed location, we went and grabbed lunch and brought it back to the shop. I'm the oldest (I'm 30 at the time and everyone else is about 19-23) and highest ranking person in the group of about 8 of us eating. Not that that matters too much but I feel like it makes this funnier. So someone starts this episode, everyone else says things like, "dude I don't want to watch this, this shit is stupid" and everyone else agrees, blah blah, but it ends up staying on for some reason. Also, keep in mind I just got there and know none of them so I'm pretty much keeping to myself. Then it happened. The part where they are making up that song and the old man says things like "awwww yeaaah, take your pants off and your panties too. Now take a shit on the floor" or whatever. I lose it. I'd never seen this show and was not prepared for him to say that. I'm talking, I spit food out and am laughing so hard I've got tears in my eyes but I was trying so hard to quit laughing. None of these kids are laughing. The song keeps going on for what seems like forever. The harder I held it back, the harder I laughed until they all started laughing at how hard I was laughing at this ridiculous shit. I became pretty close with all of them throughout the deployment and we always joked about the get schwifty thing later on. I'll never forget that stupid little awkward funny moment.

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