I drunkenly forced myself on my girlfriend last night

Because you are disturbed enough to continue with a guy after he raped you , you want to encourage this guy that it's about communication and that for you rapist bf, it was just in the moment ? Did you forget the part you came home in shock and silence? Or how you couldn't look him in the eye ? Yeah , that's because you were raped and him telling you he got caught in the moment is so disgusting and pathetic and makes him a bona fide rapist and you're somehow flattered or understanding of such a grotesque reasoning ? You need to get major psychiatric help that this made sense to you , that you stayed and that you are going around encouraging other women get raped because you want to normalize it for yourself

This is the worse thing I've ever read on Reddit , your response . You really have no right to throw another woman under the bus like that .

And to talk about forgiving yourself ? You didn't do anything wrong ! The only thing you did wrong was staying with a rapist and now encouraging others that it's ok to do it!

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