Is Dubai the best place for women in the Middle East? [BBC Capital]

Firstly thanks so much for your response! I hope you enjoyed your travels! Where did you go?
*You're welcome! Absolutely loved it, I used to travel a lot before I joined Emirates and this job just helps me do that on a budget plus the flexibility to travel on almost every other airline at subsidized rates too. I've been to the US (East Coast/West Coast), Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Italy, UK (I've done most of Europe during university anyways with mates), Pakistan, India and ummm a few other places here and there). *

I think I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst rather than also focus on the positives. So it's nice to hear back with a general positive response. I have a few follow up questions if you wouldn't mind:
Like I said, it really depends on the exact department you land in. Honestly, this job needed a lot of getting used to! My last job was in GE Aviation in the UK and working over here is a massive difference. It's not THAT flexible but unless you're in a startup, you end up having to manage such situations in the Middle East. Operations (If it's Flight Operations) is a pretty decent department and most employees are expats with an open mind. If you can be more specific, I can even get you in touch with someone from there. Just let me know!

My position will be EK09.I don't suppose you have any idea of the approximate salary banding? From what I've read the basic is the negotiable part where as the benefits are pretty uniform within each pay grade.
* EK09 is a Managerial position (You'll be a Manager reporting to an EK10 who are Line Managers in the heirarchy). I'm moving into a TE01 role during Q2 as per my development plan so I wasn't too sure of the EK09 basic but I asked a couple of EK09's that I know and if you're anywhere from North America or UK then you are probably going to be offered 18-22K with a total backage anywhere from 38-40K approximately. The basic salary is negotiable and the housing/other allowances are the same across each particular grade (All EK09's get the same housing/other allowances). Do be mindful that these are just approximations and you can atleast use these as a reference during your negotiation. I do know of a very recent EK09 who's a mate so will let you know.*

In regards to unlimited tickets for family (e.g. Mum, Dad etc. right?) is that free or with x discount? And the same for that 15? Beyond that is there a standard discount for friends?
So you get two tickets for each family member that are 10% fare + taxes and you get unlimited tickets for immediate family members that are 50% fare + taxes. You get one free ticket annually to your home city and then anywhere on the EK network after three years of service. You also get additional service-related concessions that are free/subload depending on your marital status (subload is 10% fare + taxes). For the 15 tickets, they are heavily discounted to approximately 50-70% of the fare + taxes and that's pretty damn good for a lot of sectors. I just got my mate tickets to Toronto (Which is a notoriously difficult sector considering there are only three flights a week) for 50% of the price out in the open.

In regards to housing allowance I hear that is paid twice a year. I assume this is somewhat to fall inline with rent checks but I guess any spare you just keep? Is Travel allowance paid monthly?
Housing allowance is paid monthly with your basic salary - That is if you opt for your own accomodation. You spend what you need to and you keep the change. I am unsure of any travel allowance, I suppose that depends on your work and what you spend on duty travel.

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