Dublin City Council has 24,800 housing units for 67,000 people. The average rent is €280/month

No I’ve lived in Ireland. I paid €1400 because of my income. Maybe others don’t, because I and other earners would be paying it instead!

Here I get free healthcare. I pay less in taxes.

Benefits are lower. Work is valued.

I can save to my hearts content in my S&S ISA and receive tax exemptions on my growth and income accrued. Whereas in Ireland savings don’t actually accrue interest in the first place!

When it comes to society, Ireland is the least equitable place I have ever lived.

There doesn’t exist a single benefit for me to return to Ireland. There is ample for England.

Ireland could be a very pleasant country, however since the early days of the Free State, Ireland has been steadfast to create this far more socialist country. Much like Scotland. This is indeed a modern invention, and a sorry one for the Scots and Irish!

The ultimate result is that I have had to leave the country i once loved. What a disgrace.

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