DuckDuckGo oficially banned in India . India on it's way to tackle china for most censored country.

The govt issued an order to permanently remove the tejasvi tweet.

I have archived the the order issued, incase you doubt the your loving sattabhogi.

For a country that so much talks about democracy and freedom, imagine it crumbling to even put peace in two communities?, Internet shutdown in kashmir is not one or two day long , neither was shutdown in assam one day long, they last for 8-7 months and still going in kashmir.

But i actually enjoy it, you know why, the more you run from the truth the time it pops out it becomes hard to deal with it. I remember the pr telegram screenshots and google drive links being released about making palaghar incident popular through social media entire campaigns( archived it ) ,and also govt hiding diamond harbour exodus of hindus so hindu votes don't go.

As i said, unethical means using regarding same topic it will be nice when you see the pile of shit. Till then.

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