Why dude why ???

The n word used to be a derogatory term used on blacks from whites. It's clearly always been racist, and thus is considered a slur. Black people can say the word simply because they're not being offensive with it. They're not using it as a derogatory term against... their own ethnicity. When someone else uses it, it's a slur. Stop moping about how "they can say that word but I can't so society is wrong". Because you don't need to make a joke about the n-word. Sure, maybe you'd want to, but you just can't. They have a "monopoly" and that's that. There are certain situations where a white person can say the n-word, but they should never use it casually nor in a derogatory way. As a Jew, I'm just being cautious around whatever meme you made in the first place. I'd get offended if you joked about Jews being killed, but tbh no one should joke about that, not even Jews. And if Reddit thought your meme was offensive, then it most likely crossed the line. Basically, as a conclusion, you just gotta accept that there are some things you just don't joke about, even if others can. It's hard to know when or when not to cross the line. If you ignore that line, you're literally being racist.

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