Dude got mad cause I was having a confrontation with someone else, that he didn’t even know and threatens to kill me and bury me, in a small town in California

I don't entirely belive OP didn't instigate this. What was this previous confrontation because if some guy starts screaming at another person for something like wearing a shirt they disagree with, I might jump in and call that guy a asshole too. Regardless if I disagreed with the shirt myself. Now 16 tooth joe definitely said some violent things and stepped over the line, but he only threatened that he would "beat your fucking ass, and I will bury you" which definitely is a threat. But it being misquoted to make the guy sound worse and how OP keeps coming back as he walks away trying to bait him in to saying more violent things makes me think OP isn't some innocent bystander that this guy all of sudden came at.

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