Due To Russian Interference

m8 I know how to secure my network. I can't do anything about them breaking into my home (which they have been for the past year because they got my landlord to give them a key, assuming they threatened him like they did othe rpeople I've interacted with). They set up their little HQ at the end of my street and even went as far as rebuilding some run down church at the other end of my street and tried to get me involved with their insane cult like friends there.

Yes I've considered doing an offline install of everything, but they can still infect the proxy drive and still waltz in when know one is home and reinfect.

I've had cash and clothes go missing, I even had a fucking pillow case stolen, my old phones are gone, I had my camping gear messed with (specifically my water filter was blocked, superglue Im guessing) They poisoned my water for 4 days back in janurary which almost killed my pet birds.

I have a mac address showing an ethernet connection to my router recently after going through a factory reset to try to resecure the router from whoever has access to it. Setup mac filterting to eliminate wifi access, after which the very next day I see someone plugged into th ethernet of the router. Whether it was a spoof to create confusion or a literal walkin to reinfect/regain contorl of my router... I cannot secure my network in my current situation and that's just the way it is for now.

Already done virus scans lmao. I can see the backgroudn process hang the shutdown process for a sec when booted up in normal mode, safe mode it doesn't show up. But I cannot make a game without internet access for assets / plugins and then distribution. Nevermind lack of a secure home.

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