Duel of the Fates

hey... shut up already. My life is rich with diversity and we all get along amazing without internet loons bitching about a group of racists and dictating to me what I should or should not think. You are coming off really pushy and I dont want companies or internet thought nazis telling me I'm wrong. I like a bunch of the star wars stuff, and dont like a lot because of shitty writing and actors. but meanwhile, we are all here to ponder a meme about two camps of pushy weirdos taking over reddit subs, and lo and behold... here you are to lecture me. I am probably 50 times less racist than you are. you brought all this up, I dont even know that lady's name. I dont know who the fuck you are talking about, and Im not a racist, and I have only ever helped and been nice to people and supported kindness and openly opposed racism. real shit. you probably do jack shit for anyone. find some other meme guy to lecture!

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